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Too busy hustling + serving
your ideal client to
craft content that converts?

There is a better way!
Let me take some to-dos off your list so you can do what you do best:
serve your people.

Let’s infuse your business with your stories, increase your profit margins, and boost your confidence through personalized copy, content, and brand messaging.

hi, friend! I'm sara gillis.

Word-Magic Maker + Small Business hype girl


I see you, friend – you know the power of a website or a social feed that’s packed with personality, but you just don’t have the time to make the darn word-magic happen.

You’re tired of doing ALL THE THINGS, from accounting to Zooming, in your business – but you aren’t sure you can trust something as important as your brand messaging to just anyone.

If you’re DONE with winging it and hoping that your business will GROW magically like some bananas Chia Pet, you’re in the right place.

I’ve got this:  Leave the word-magic to me.

Copywriter's Desk

Hi, New Friend!

cop a squat + grab a cuppa:
i've got the stuff you need

Real Talk:

If your website is visually stunning and intuitive to navigate, but your copy and messaging doesn’t SELL your stellar product or service, all that you have is a pretty website, not a BUSINESS.

If your social feed is full of pretty flat lays and some peeks at your behind-the-scenes, but your FACE and your personality just aren’t showing up any-freaking-where, you’re not providing compelling reasons why YOUR biz is different and why your ideal client should hire YOU.

Great news: I’ve got the golden tickets – no Oompa Loompas required.

Check it out over here.


Female Copywriter

Step 01

Write an Effective 'About Me'

a free guide

Female Copywriter

As your business has grown, so have YOU, and as more and more clients book your services or buy your products, you’ve realized that your website doesn’t quite reflect the YOU that you are today.

If you’re a DIYer in your biz-loving heart, I’ve gotchu – download my exclusive freebie to teach you how to craft the perfect ‘About Me’ page.

Copywriter Desk

Step 02

Messaging Missing the Mark?

three clues for you

Copywriter Desk

Pssst: I’m a total sucker for hype. If you tell me that if I book in the next 20 minutes, you’ll double my order, you can betcha that I’m hitting CHECKOUT so fast I barely have time to verify my address. 

But unfortunately, loving the hype doesn’t make ya an expert at BUILDING the hype for your own biz. Learn how to engage your people and create genuine launch-time buzz (a hint: it’s all in the messaging).

Keyboard Copywriting

Step 03

Audit Your Way to a Better Biz

no, not the $$$ kind

Keyboard Copywriting

You might be seeing the word “audit” almost EVERYWHERE in the marketing world right now, but here’s my secret: my digital audits put in the legwork to analyze YOUR brand voice and messaging. Bonus: My digital audits include a follow-up strategy call, where I share with you what works, what doesn’t, and what I recommend.

Show your brand some love; book your Digital Audit today.

“Sara is very efficient, comes with years of experience and is a magician with words! She got to know my brand voice and made sure that the phrasing and writing style sounded like me. On top of her amazing copywriting skills, she’s organized and prompt with communication and planning, and came with fresh ideas for blog and email content.

We ended the VIP Day with two months of jam-packed content that will serve my clients and add value to my business. Thank you, Sara! I can say enough good things about working with you.”

brooklyn g.

Desk Web Copywriting
What Sara Said Sara Gillis

Done For You

Sales Page Copywriting

level up your next launch

No matter how innovative or needed or just-get-in-my-cart-already your new service or product may be, if your website isn’t fine-tuned and turned up to level awesome, your launch could FALL. FLAT.

Don’t let that happen! Hire a fresh set of eyes (ahem, ME) to audit your site before you hit GO. From back-end basic SEO to personality-packed copy and everything in between, I’ve got this – get yourself ready to launch (and see the sales roll in)!

the blog

3 steps to an effective ‘about me’ page

As your business has grown, so have YOU, and you’ve realized that your website doesn’t quite reflect the YOU that you are today.

If you’re a DIYer in your biz-loving heart, I’ve gotchu. Download my exclusive freebie to teach you how to craft the perfect ‘About Me’ page.

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